Fokker D. VII. - the lethal weapon


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November 2015
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ISBN : 9788364596773

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World War I was the time of dynamic development of aviation. Aircraft created during that period and pilots who fought in them, became legends that have fascinated generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Legends of Aviation in 3D is a publishing series with a goal to present legendary aircraft from the pioneer era of military aviation in an innovative way. Thanks to colour 3D renderings we can almost touch the Fokker D.VII, see its details, get to know its meticulous airframe structure and understand the phenomenon of this legendary aircraft.With the virtual Fokker D.VII, Marek Ryś inspires us to explore the history of the aircraft afresh. The modern 3D images impressively harmonize with the old photographs. Tomasz Kowalski tells us the story of pilots flying the new Fokker biplanes and takes us to the dark and romantic period of the Great War when knights of the sky were born and killed. We are convinced that Tomasz Kowalski and Marek Ryś's publication is a valuable addition to literature concerning the legendary Fokker D.VII and simultaneously a successful and exceptional attempt to present the earliest history of aviation in an original way. We have made all efforts to make the layout and quality of the series fulfill the needs of our readers.