For Rex and for Belgium

Léon Degrelle and Walloon Political and Military Collaboration 1940-45

Eddy de Bruyne, Marc Rikmenspoel

Publication date:
August 2004
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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Nearly 60 years after the end of the Second World War, the name "Degrelle" remains controversial in Belgium and abroad. Was he a traitor to his nation, or a hero for anti-Communism? Until recently, the only information available on the man and his political movement came from Degrelle's own memoirs, or from works heavily slanted for or against him.

Eddy De Bruyne, specialist in WWII Walloon Military Collaboration, has devoted over 20 years to intensively studying the available documentation, as well as interviewing the surviving collaborators of that era, including Degrelle himself. De Bruyne's findings, set down in several French language publications, represent the most detailed studies of Walloon political and military collaboration yet assembled. Now, with the aid of American Waffen-SS researcher Marc Rikmenspoel, De Bruyne has combined his works into a single English language book.

The greatest portion of the book is devoted to the most comprehensive account of the campaigns of the Legion Wallonie and its successor SS-Sturmbrigade/Division Wallonien (28th SS Panzergrenadier Division) yet seen in English.

The text is supported by approximately 400 period photos, complemented by many maps and illustrations of contemporary posters and other ephemera, completing a package that will be a must-have for military historians, afficianados of rare photos, and collectors of materials on the SS.