Tourists In the Heart of Darkness

Nick Brokhausen, Jeff Miller

After two decades in the Special Forces, Nick Brokhausen and friends make their way in the world using their unique skill set: from running counter-terrorism training to recovering kidnap victims.
Publication date:
September 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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ISBN : 9781612009957

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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• Ever wondered where hardened SF soldiers work when they leave the service? This memoir (fictionalised to protect the innocent and guilty) gives a unique answer
• Nick Brokhausen's We Few and Whispers in the Tall Grass have been praised for being a unique, unvarnished account of special forces actions in Vietnam

1978 - a chance meeting on a remote military airbase between two Green Berets involved in the same operation leads to a partnership that will last over forty years. Four years after that meeting, Nick Brokhausen and Jeff Miller leave the service withing a few weeks of each other and begin an odyssey that takes them to dozens of countries on five continents.

Along with a small coterie of fellow former Special Operations and intelligence community veterans like Penguini, Max, Reek, The Spider Woman and a score of others - some heroes and some villains - they undertake a variety of missions for the government, other governments, large multi-national corporations mostly in the aerospace or resource development industries, and occasionally just for suffering individuals who cannot find help anywhere else. In the process they lay the groundwork for an entire new industry of private military contractors. Two men sadly just a bit ahead of their time.

Every episode in this book actually happened. Not always precisely as described herein, but close. Changes have been made sometimes to make the narrative flow more smoothly, some to obfuscate events that might be flirting with classification issues… Names have been changed, not always to protect the innocent. But the underlying story is, for the most part, the reality as they lived it.