A Woman of Adventure

The Life and Times of First Lady Lou Henry Hoover

Annette B Dunlap

A fresh look at Lou Henry Hoover, the First Lady who preceded Eleanor Roosevelt.
Publication date:
July 2022
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640125155

Dimensions : 225 X 152 mm
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• Introduces Lou during her teen years and looks at an upbringing of extraordinary independence in an era when many girls had their lives circumscribed by strict behavioral expectations of their family and community
• Chronicles Lou's courtship with Herbert Hoover and her life as she accompanied him around the world for his career, and includes detail of her time in China during the Boxer Rebellion and life in Australia. It also looks at Lou's contributions to Herbert's career as a mining engineer (Lou was a trained geologist)
• Examines Lou's work with the National Amateur Athletic Federation as its only female vice-president and her work to build opportunities for women's sports
• Uncovers her private philanthropy to indigent individuals during Lou's White House years and beyond

When Lou Henry married Herbert Hoover in February 1899, she looked forward to a partnership of equality and a life of adventure. She could fire a rifle and sit a horse as well as any man. The Quaker community of Whittier, California, where she lived as a teen, reinforced the egalitarian spirit of her upbringing. But history had other ideas for Lou Henry Hoover. For the first fifteen years of married life, Lou globe-trotted with her husband as he pursued a lucrative career in mining engineering and consulting. World War I not only changed the map of the world; it changed the map of the Hoovers' marriage. Herbert Hoover's Commission for the Relief of Belgium launched him into a political career that led to the White House. Lou, who detested the limelight, led a dual life. She supported her husband's political career, managed their multiple households, and saw to the needs of their family. Behind the scenes, she pursued her own interests. History has long since forgotten the breadth of her achievements, but Lou Henry Hoover's powerful legacy endures in the ongoing success of the Girl Scouts, the music and physical therapy degree programs at Stanford University, athletic opportunities for women, and the countless unknown men and women who received an education thanks to Lou's anonymous financial support.

Conveying Lou's humor, personality, and intelligence, A Woman of Adventure takes a fresh look at the first lady who preceded Eleanor Roosevelt and her extraordinary accomplishments.