From Cherkassy to the Pacific Ocean

The Combat History of the 6th Guards Tank Army. Volume 1: January-October 1944

Igor Nebolsin

The new study of Igor Nebolsin provides end to end combat history of the Soviet 6th Guards Tank Army from its formation in January 1944 till the end of World War 2 in September 1945. The first volume covers Cherkassy (Korsun), Uman, Jassy and Debrecen till November 1944
Publication date:
September 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
c 400 b/w photos, 16pp colour maps
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• Study is based on the previously classified archival documents from the Central Archive of the Russian Defense Ministry (Tsamo) and the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), well balanced and challenges many myths
• Balanced & meticulous coverage of the German Eastern Front key battles: Cherkassy (Korsun), Jassy & Bucharest (Romania), Debrecen, Komarno, Balaton (Hungary), Vienna, Prague and its operation against Japan - remarkable crossing of Grand Khingan Mountains and defeating of Japanese Kwantung Army in August 1945
• Honest viewpoint of the Soviet commanding officers on what went well and what went wrong on the key battles
• Never published recollections of the army personnel/veterans written for internal use in 1945-1946
• Rare photographs, including ones from the archives and private collections

The new study of Igor Nebolsin provides end to end combat history of the Soviet 6th Guards Tank Army from its formation in January 1944 till the defeat of Nazi Germany in May 1945 and capitulation of Japan in September 1945.

The 6th TA had its combat baptism at Cherkassy (Korsun) in January-February 1944 where it first played an important role in encircling units of German XI and XLII Army Corps'. Then army was on the path of the German III. Panzer Corps relief attacks of Cherkassy Pocket. In March 1944 in adverse weather conditions (rasputitsa) Army crossed South Bug, Dnestr and Prut rivers and in April 1944 was one of the first Soviet units entered Bessarabia (Romania). During April - June 1944 6th Tank Army conducted heavy offensive and defensive battles in the area of Jassy in Northern Romania against armor units of Group Army South Ukraine which included 23. Panzer Division, 24. Panzer Division, 14. Panzer Division, Gross Deutschland Division. Although Army failed to capture Jassy and penetrate Romania it managed to withstand German attempt to destroy it in a strong counter-offensive.

In August 1944 6th TA played a decisive role in the Jassy - Kishinev operation which resulted in the destruction of the 6th German Army, knocking out Romania from the WW2 as an ally of Nazi Germany, capturing Ploesti oil fields, and Bucharest. In September-October 1944 6th Tank Army was engaged in the heavy combats in Transylvania and Hungary including tank battle at Debrecen.

The day by day coverage of events, honest views of the Soviet& German commanders, statistical data from both Russian and German viewpoints, and the 'human element' based on the exciting first-hand recollections of Soviet tank officers all make this study an incredibly valuable source of information. The text is fully supported by specially-commissioned color maps and an extensive selection of photographs, many from private collections.