German and Russian Tank Models 1939–45

Mario Eens

Fully illustrated guide to creating realistic and highly detailed finishes on models of WWII German and Russian tanks.
Publication date:
March 2019
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Illustration :
over 200 color photographs
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ISBN : 9781612007359

Dimensions : 254 X 203 mm
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• Step-by-step fully illustrated guide to creating different effects on both 1/35 and 1/72 models
• Detailed explanations mean that all techniques covered will be transferable to other models
• Bonus section covering the finishing of a figure, which will help complete tank dioramas

The Second World War is a favorite for modelers, and this comprehensive guide to techniques suitable for 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scale tank models will be invaluable to modelers wanting to recreate the iconic tanks of this conflict. From the Russian T-34 at the time of the battle of Kursk, and Su-152 in winter camoflague, to the German Panzer I in North Africa, and the gigantic Maus, as it might have appeared just after the war ended, this book offers a wealth of detail into the necessary tools, paints and techniques to perfect a realistic finish.


In one publication you will get detailed description of several projects. Those articles might teach you some new things, which will improve builds. It is also nice to see all main scales covered with builds.

The author is at pains to provide visual cues within the well-written captions, and these will assist the modellers greatly.
Airfix Model World

A great how-to book that is bound to give you some inspiration as well as technical knowledge that will assist most modellers in achieving better results. Highly recommended.

For a model-maker who has some experience, and wants to push on with detailing and painting, this an ideal book to spur them on. Recommended.
Scale Military Modelling International Magazine