Gun Trucks

A Visual History of the U.S. Army's Vietnam-Era Wheeled Escort Platforms

David Doyle

A fully illustrated reference book featuring period photos and photo of contemporary restorations.
Publication date:
December 2015
Publisher :
The Ampersand Group
Series :
Visual History Series
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9780986112737

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• Excellent reference for modelers and vehicle enthusiasts
• Many rare photos

A Visual History of the U.S. Army's Vietnam-Era Wheeled Escort Platforms Born out of the need for convoy protection during the escalation of combat in 1967, the Vietnam-era gun trucks are some of the most interesting military vehicles fielded during the 20th century. Noted military truck historian David Doyle has created an extensive and vivid portrait of these unique trucks. He begins with a detailed description of the truck platforms and designs, giving the reader a basic primer of the trucks prior to modification. This is followed by a lengthy illustrated description of the many weapons systems used, from small arms to the .50-caliber quad. Coverage of the trucks in action follows and is composed of many never before seen photos, many of which are full page in size and in color. From the lightly armored jeeps to the 5-ton behemoths mounting an entire APC in their beds, all the types are showcased. Gun trucks fielded by transportation, engineer and air defense artillery units are detailed. The book completes its narrative with a comprehensive photo essay of the world's only surviving gun truck now on display at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum.


This book is a very impressive offering in all respects...The amount of content in this book for the very low cost of £17.95 marks this offering as a must have for anyone with an inkling for The Vietnam War gun trucks.

Superb for the modeller, interesting for the historian, and helpful for the wargamer who desires a variation on the usual paddy-fields and jungle environment.
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