Hawker Hunters at War

Iraq and Jordan, 1958-1967

Tom Cooper, Patricia Salti

Publication date:
December 2016
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Middle East@War
Illustration :
113 b/w photos, 12 colour photos, 15 colour profiles
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ISBN : 9781911096252

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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Designed by Sydney Camm as a swept wing, daytime interceptor with excellent manoeuvrability, the Hunter became the first jet aircraft manufactured by Hawker for the Royal Air Force. It set numerous aviation records and saw widespread service with a large number of RAF units in Europe and abroad. When the Royal Air Force received newer aircraft capable of supersonic speeds to perform the interceptor duties, many Hunters were modified and re-equipped for ground-attack and reconnaissance missions instead. Because they were deemed surplus to British requirements, most of these were subsequently refurbished and exported to foreign customers - so also to Iraq and Jordan.

Hawker Hunters at War covers every aspect of Hunter's service in the two countries, from in-depth coverage of negotiations related to their export to Iraq and Jordan, to all-important details of their operational service during 1958-67. It culminates in detailed examination of their role in the June 1967 Arab-Israeli War (also known as the ‘Six Days War') and extensive tables listing all aircraft delivered and their fates. Almost entirely based on interviews with retired commanding officers and pilots of the former Royal Iraqi Air Force, Iraqi Air Force and Royal Jordanian Air Force - as well as plenty of unpublished official documents from British, Iraqi and Jordanian archives - the narrative is providing an unprecedented insight into a number of contemporary affairs. Profusely illustrated with well over 100 photographs and 15 colour profiles showing all aspects of camouflage, markings and various equipment, Hawker Hunters at War is the ultimate profile of Hunter's colourful and action-packed service in Iraq and Jordan during a period when this legendary type formed the backbone of local air forces.


...if you need a book on the subject of iraqi and Jpordanian Hunters it's currently the only game in town.
Aeroplane Magazine

A very detailed history of the Hunter's service after it left the RAF as a fighter that will be of interest to many, although perhaps not quite mainstream due to the subject matter. The wealth of information, data and of course the significant quantity of pictorial information held within the book will doubtless be enticing for any modellers or aviation enthusiasts that are curious as to the fate of those airframes. Highly recommended.

The book comes up beautifully in its accounts of the battles waged and the first combat for this classic British fighter.
Flightpath Magazine

A great book for all Hunter fans, those interested in Middle Eastern affairs and general historians alike will enjoy every page of this book.
Editor - Model Boat World

Whether you are a Hunter fan or have an interest in Middle Eastern aviation history, then this book is one that you must include in your book collection.
Aviation Enthusiast Book Club