A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy

Hira Ali

Offers men the strategies they need to become powerful advocates for gender equality.
Publication date:
June 2021
Publisher :
Neem Tree Press
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ISBN : 9781911107477

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• Following the Sarah Everard case and safety issue debates, asks how can men help and speak up/ take ownership
• Why is there an intention gap? Well-intentioned men often fail to take proactive action or stay silent
• How can we start mentoring boys and girls at home in light of the Everyone's Invited campaign?
• What are everyday actions men and other allies can take to help women and minority groups?
• Personal benefits of allyship
• Allyship as a progressive journey starting from self to others and then moving on to culture and insititution

At its core, Her Allies: A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy offers men the strategies they need to become powerful advocates for gender equality. But, at its heart, this book is an invitation to all men who are willing to take that bold first step and transform good intention into meaningful action. Those men with the courage to read on will embark on a progressive journey that ends only when women realise the same opportunities, recognition, and respect that men already command. Her allies aren't committed to this journey for personal gain; these selfless pioneers know that their children and grandchildren will reap the rewards of their efforts for generations to come.


The answer to most of life's ills rests with the men who cause them. This book is an exceptionally accessible tool for men to begin to address them. Essential reading.
Nazir Afzal OBE, Former Chief Prosecutor (NW England)

Her Allies is an important contribution to the effort to get men positively engaged in the need for a more inclusive workplace and society. Essential reading for everyone who wants to make a difference.
Mark Wild, CEO (Crossrail Ltd)

This book is insightful, educational, and most important, truthful. As men strive to be better equipped to be a better ally, they need look no further than, Her Allies.
Nicki Anderson, Director of Women's Leadership Program—L.E.A.D.S, Benedictine University

Having been in the Diversity and Inclusion field for over 17 years, there aren't many books that have grabbed my attention from the word go, however Her Allies is a really informative and practical book, ideal for anyone looking to pick up tips on how to be a supportive ally.
Paul Sesay, CEO/Founder (I Inclusive Companies Limited)

...a concise and practical guide for any man who wants to truly show up as a co-conspirator and collaborator with women to foster genuine gender equity in the workplace. Men who are ready to embark on the journey toward better allyship will find this guide jam-packed with gender intelligence and actionable strategies for transforming their good intentions into meaningful action. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
W. Brad Johnson, PhD and David G. Smith, PhD, authors of Athena Rising

...a practical, step-by-step guide that not only explains the benefits of gender advocacy, but clearly outlines some of the practical ways that this can be achieved. This is a guide for men of all ages, backgrounds and industries, but remains an equally important reminder to women that they are as valuable an advocate for gender equality as their male allies.
Barry BoffyBarry Boffy, Head of Inclusion and Diversity (British Transport Police)

Hira Ali shares proven research with tangible tools and talk tracks to have a more productive conversation about gender inclusion in the workplace. Every ally could benefit from reading this!
Julie Kratz (she/her)Julie Kratz, Pivot Point CEO and Founder

This book provides good, practical steps for male allies to take when looking at gender equality, be it at home or in the workplace, and it will hopefully give men the confidence to become better allies in general. A must read for men everywhere.
Jasvir Singh OBE (Barrister, Chair of City Sikhs, Member Of Mayor of London's Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm)

This is not only good for employee morale, it is also good for a company's bottom line.
Marie Sola, President and Founder (Daughters of Change)

For all those with the right intentions, here is a guide that will help you become an advocate. It is full of practical steps we can take in creating organisations we'd love our children to work in.
Gavin Stephens, Chief Constable (Surrey Police Headquarters)

This book has the potential to halve the time it will take us to get to gender parity globally. It's compulsory reading for every man who wants a fairer world, where we can all thrive.
Jenny Garrett OBEJenny Garrrett OBE, Founder & Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

This simple thought provoking book goes beyond encouraging you to be become an advocate, it challenges you to operate with courage and determination to become the change agent that leads the way.
Wasim Khan MBE, CEO (Pakistan Cricket Board)

A practical, solid and enlightening guide that details everyday actions allies can take to support women at work and in communities.
Afzal Khan CBE, Member of UK Parliament

On your journey into allyship, Ali's book is an essential primer. […] I would recommend it whether you are a woman, a man or a gender diverse leader.
Jiten Patel ACIB (Conscious Inclusion Thought Leader, C-Suite Inclusive Leadership Coach, and Author of 'Demystifying Diversity')

There are many men out there who want to do more and have no idea where or how to start for fear of getting it wrong. Her Allies is the perfect first step for men willing to listen, to challenge themselves and other men, but more importantly a willingness to take action.
Nathan Ashley, Senior Public Policy Manager at Voi Technology

Hira Ali does it again! Another must have book. Her Allies offers practical suggestions in a truly engaging way; the structure and layout is spot on, encouraging the reader to learn to challenge themselves before moving on to challenge others and the system at large! Absolute must- read for anyone who wants to change their culture for good!
Vanessa Vallely OBE, MD (WeAreTheCity)