Imagine: Reflections on Peace

Robin Wright, Jon Swain, Samantha Power, Jonathan Powell, Jack Picone, Gilles Peress, Don McCullin, Anthony Loyd, Gary Knight, Ron Haviv, Philip Gourevitch, Martin Fletcher, Stephen Ferry, Jon Lee Anderson, The VII Foundation

Photographic essays take us into societies that have suffered searing conflict - and survived.
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October 2020
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200 photographs, colour and B&W
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ISBN : 9782490952090

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• "Imagine: Reflections on Peace is a timely and important call to action." - Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright
• Gathered for the first time, contributions from internationally renowned personalities on the theme of peace including Don McCullin, Madeleine Albright and Jonathan Powell among many others
• An overview of peace processes and challenges: what worked, or not
• Unpublished st ories from victims and witnesses, testimonies from their lives today
• Reflections and analysis on justice, the role of women and the diplomacy to be implemented to build lasting peace
• A major educational tool for young generations

In 2018, the VII Foundation asked more than a dozen renowned reporters and photojournalists to revisit countries with which they had become achingly familiar during times of brutal conflict. The task was to see peace through the prism of their journalistic experience; to survey familiar towns and villages; to reconnect with women, men, soldiers, civilians, statesmen, and students who had survived the conflict or grown up in the postwar society; to discover what the lived experience of "peace” feels like. To augment this reportage, the VII Foundation sought input from academics and peacemakers. And they invited citizens of those countries to give their very personal narratives, in their own voices. Hard edges were not softened nor unpalatable impressions deleted. They wanted to show the truth as seen and experienced by those that lived and those that reported on seemingly intractable civil wars in Bosnia and Herzegovina Cambodia, Colombia, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, and Rwanda.

The result is Imagine: Reflections on Peace - a curation of searing images and trenchant essays that show both micro and macro views of peace, with its uneven degrees of economic success, political stability, and social harmony. In this stunning collection, worldrenown journalists and authors take us into societies that have suffered searing conflict - and survived. Photographic essays make the stakes during war and peace grippingly palpable. Compelling backstories about negotiations, tales of survival, and accounts of the search for inner peace make the big picture personal. Imagine offers a rare glimpse into the unvarnished story of peace, a window into what it takes for societies and individuals to move forward after unspeakable brutality.