In Case

Frank Edwards

Publication date:
September 2012
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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In Case is a murder story set in north Wales. The narrator is an English lawyer who is invited by the Professor, an old friend, to help launch the law department at a new university being established near Llandudno. He is to be a part-time lecturer for the opening term before returning to his practice in Reading. Whilst at Llandudno he becomes actively involved, not altogether reluctantly, in two murders, one on the train that takes him to Wales and the other of a student of his at the College. During his stay he is introduced to some aspects of Welsh life, and visits a number of famous historical sites and beauty spots from each of which he draws impressions which guide his actions as he informally co-operates with the officer leading the murder investigations. The Case in the title refers to a bag that he always carries with him, containing items vital to him in case of emergency. It plays a part in the events that unfold at the new university.