In the Legions of Napoleon

In the Legions of Napoleon

The Memoirs of a Polish Officer in Spain and Russia 1808-1813

Henrich von Brandt

Publication date:
February 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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In the Legions of Napoleon recounts the adventures of an intrepid Polish soldier who fought for Napoleon the length and breadth of Europe. By the time he was twenty-five, Heinrich von Brandt had marched from Madrid to Moscow and had been severely wounded on three separate occasions.

From 1808 to 1812 he was caught up in Napoleon’s attempt to subjugate Spain, fighting in battles, sieges – including the siege of Saragossa – and hunting and being hunted by merciless bands of guerrillas. In 1812 his unit took part in the crossing of the Niemen and the epic retreat from Moscow.

In his extraordinary memoirs Brandt describes in great detail the actions in which he fought, the type of officers and men with whim he served, and the grueling campaigns in which they participated. He also gives fascinating insight into the minds of his comrades and superiors. This book is a must for every Napoleonic historian, enthusiast, and anyone who likes a good story of high adventure.