Infantry Combat

The Rifle Platoon

John F Antal

Test your knowledge of infantry tactics and judgement by negotiating this interactive story. A uniqe and unforgettable way to learn about light infantry tactics.
Publication date:
August 2019
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Illustration :
maps and diagrams
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ISBN : 9781612008202

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• A unique way to learn about light infantry tactics.
Readers are given all the information and options and are able to make their own decisions throughout the story
• Long out of print, this new edition brings this innovative book to a new audience
• Praise for Armor Attacks, also by John Antal
"Relevant and useful. Even the average military enthusiast will find Armor Attacks fascinating and challenging. This book is well worth adding to the bookshelves of those ... interested in small unit leadership and tactics." - Armor magazine

In this interactive work, you are U.S. Army Second Lieutenant, Bruce Davis. Your light infantry battalion has been airlifted into the Middle East on short notice, and now your platoon must defend Wafi Al Sirree against the superior might of an advancing enemy's mechanized force. The stakes are high; the odds are long. Your knowledge and judgment will determine your success. If you are wrong, defeat and death may be your fate. Success will let you savor the sweet taste of victory and live to fight another day.

The scenario is highly realistic and is supported by maps and appendices with detailed specifications of the equipment and forces involved. The choices you must make are those that would face a rifle platoon leader in combat. You must win the respect of your troops, ensure the security of your positions, obtain intelligence of the enemy, and accomplish everything else required to survive and win in a hostile environment.

Whether you're a serving infantryman or armchair enthusiast, this is the best crash course in light infantry tactics you will find, short of a rotation through the National Training Center.


Every American who cares about their country's national security needs to read this book to understand what is expected of junior military leaders. This includes all members of Congress—who are responsible for funding military training and equipping our military forces—and the commander in chief. As demanding and bloody as our counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past two decades have been, the possibility of engaging a more capable conventional adversary continues to grow. The Army must be ready. Antal's book would serve as an excellent tool in training the Army's combat platoon leaders for such a possibility.
Lt. Col. Tim Stoy, U.S. Army retired, served 31 years in the Army as an infantry and foreign area officer.

The narrative is almost docu-drama in its style, making it readable. The maps are good and the dilemmas and outcomes are thought-provoking. All in all, a good low-cost training exercise that is easy to follow.
Royal Anglians