Adam Rejmak

Essential reference for these crucial war machines of the Third Reich
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January 2014
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17 archive photos, 71 colour photos, 8 painting sc
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ISBN : 9788362878833

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• 17 archive photos, 71 color photos, 8 painting schemes, 39 graphics

Self-propelled tank destroyers constituted an essential component of the Third Reich's armored arm. Vehicles, which were especially useful in defensive warfare, in which the German army found itself after losing strategic initiative on the Eastern Front in the summer 1943 and following the Allied landing in Italy and France, with time began to effectively compete in armored sub-units with classic tanks. One of the largest vehicles of that type was Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz. 173, based on the chassis of the famous Panther tank.


Even if you don't plan getting glue on your hands any time soon, this is an impressive piece of work and I enjoyed looking at the illustrations and making the most of the limited but carefully produced text.
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