Julius Caesar

Rome's Greatest Warlord

Simon Elliott

A concise biography of Julius Caesar as a military commander.
Publication date:
October 2019
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Short History
Illustration :
30 black and white photos and diagrams
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ISBN : 9781612007090

Dimensions : 198 X 125 mm
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• Part of the Casemate Short History series: expert but accessible introductions to military history topics
• Fascinating insight into Julius Caesar as a military leader, and how this shaped his career and life
• Includes diagrams, maps, and a timeline

Julius Caesar has been the inspiration to countless military commanders over the last two millennia. Born into an aristocratic family, his early military campaigns, part of his progression along the cursus honorum, included campaigning in the east, Spain and in the early Roman civil wars. His participation in the Gallic Wars is known mainly through the commentary on the wars that he wrote and published, along with his incursions into Britain. This concise history details his military life, and how it impacted with his political career, from his youth through the civil wars that resulted in his becoming the dictator of Rome, and his legacy.


Ideal for the beginner to this subject.
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