Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism

34 Drawings (1920)

Patricia Railing

Publication date:
July 2014
Publisher :
Artists Bookworks
Illustration :
2 illus. 34 plates
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ISBN : 9780946311033

Dimensions : 216 X 168 mm
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A facsimile edition of Kazimir Malevich, SUPREMATISM 34 Drawings, was published in 1990 by Artists Bookworks accompanied by an introduction to the drawings by Patricia Railing; it is now out-of-print. This 2014 reprint of Malevich's little book contains a new translation from the Russian and a new introductory text by Patricia Railing, "Reading the 34 Drawings”. The Russian text and plates were scanned from an original copy and the size of this little book conforms to the lithographed Russian edition of 1920.