Keepsakes and Treasures

Stories from Historic New England's Jewelry Collection

Carl Nold

Open New England's jewelry box and hear stories of love tokens, party bling, and cherished heirlooms from 1700 to the present
Publication date:
September 2016
Publisher :
Historic New England
Editor :
Laura E. Johnson
Illustration :
85 colour illus.
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ISBN : 9780989059831

Dimensions : 254 X 203 mm
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Historic New England's jewellery collection spans centuries of family tales, industrial development, and artistic expression. Some of these adornments bear designer names and museum-worthy pedigrees. Some are well used, with stories embedded in every nick and missing stone. Some represent up-to-the-minute trends. Some embody deeply held spiritual beliefs.

Through full-color photographs and engaging stories, Keepsakes and Treasures is a gorgeous overview of what jewelry looked like for New Englanders from the mid-1700s to the present. Each piece illuminates a new facet of New England life across the centuries.