Kidderminster in the Great War

Julie Philips

Publication date:
October 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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Wars affect everyone. Whether it is fought on the battlefields or on the Home Front, by the armed forces or civilians, sacrifices have to be made and everyone suffers one way or another. This book gives a flavour of what it was like living in Kidderminster through the Great War years.

Kidderminster was proud to send many of its brothers, husbands, uncles and fathers to fight for King and Country, many of whom had never ventured far from home before, some who came from decorated service backgrounds, for whom the armed services was in their blood. Rich or poor, farm worker, office manager or son of a carpet manufacturer, they all united to defend against the enemy and protect British values and way of life.

Life continued as usual for many of those on the Home Front, despite, amongst other things, the introduction of DORA, rationing and the loss of the labour force from the many carpet factories. Kidderminster was already generous in its giving to the poor, but this was taken to a whole new level with the introduction of many national and local war charities. They knitted, sewed, auctioned and sung their way through the war.

This show of remarkable patriotism and stoicism was made against the backdrop of a bloody and heinous war that went on far longer than was anticipated. The constant threat of receiving the dreaded telegram, indicating their loved one’s fate, was never far from their minds, yet the people of Kidderminster kept the home fires burning brightly.