L'incroyable raid de Granville


Jean-Charles Stasi

Deux mois, jour pour jour, avant la capitulation du Troisième Reich, les Allemands lancent depuis Jersey un raid nocturne sur Granville. Ce raid, qu'un historien a qualifié de « hold-up naval », est entré dans l'histoire par l'audace de sa conception et l'efficacité de ses participants. Nombreuses illustrations et photos d'époque, cartes et plans.
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December 2015
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ISBN : 9782840484165

Dimensions : 210 X 297 mm
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Two months to the day before the surrender of Third Reich, the Germans launched from Jersey a night raid on Granville, an old city corsair chosen by the Allies to accommodate cargo ships bringing Britain coal for in the French population. A hundred and fifty dozen boats participated in this operation that had three main objectives: making the port unusable, grab one or more vessels refueling, destroy all buildings lying in the harbor and take what they could bring. Participants are trained in the largest secret in Guernsey. All exercises are done earth, men learning to identify with a relief-map of Granville. The Germans will stay put half past one, as expected. The time to make important destruction, seize a freighter carrying 112 tons of coal and to fifteen prisoners including several American officers caught in bed in gallant company. If the raid, one historian has called "naval hold-up" was not used to much about the military, he made history by the audacity of its design and effectiveness of its participants. So deserved to be told, seventy years later, vividly, "handheld camera" in an illustrated book many period photographs, maps, plans and infographics.



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