La cuisine au XIIIe siècle

d'après le Manuscrit de Sion

Le Manuscrit de Sion, conservé à la Bibliothèque du Valais, nous permet de faire remonter la cuisine médiévale jusqu'au XIIIe siècle. Il nous permet de livrer ici 131 recettes (Venoison de cherf fraiche, Sanglier sablé et cerf, chevreau sauvage, Boully lardé, etc.
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June 2015
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ISBN : 9782840484035

Dimensions : 210 X 297 mm
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The Sion Manuscript, housed at the Valais Library, allows us to recreate medieval cuisine from the thirteenth century. We have been permitted to here recreate 131 recipes, including fresh venison, wild boar with venison, wild young goat, boiled beef with lard, etc. These come with explanations of the text and a few recipes repurposed for use today. The first part consists of a facsimile of the manuscript, and the second of photos of recreated dishes.