La Fronde 1648-1653

Pouvoir, argent et trahison

Jean-Marie Mongin

A highly-illustrated history of life and culture during the civil wars in 17th-century France.
Publication date:
January 2014
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
Series :
Histoires de France
Illustration :
Highly illustrated in rich colour; includes maps Yes
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ISBN : 9782352503514

Dimensions : 635 X 533 mm
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1648... the Thirty Years' War is about to end and it's possible to see the balance of power slowly shifting in Europe. Spain, great rival to the House of Bourbon, is soon to cede her place at the forefront of European power. The conflict weights painfully on the finances of the French kingdom. The years which follow the victory of the young count over His Most Catholic Majesty, at Rocroi, do nothing but aggravate a delicate financial situation. The regent, his prime minister, and the King's Council set fire to their country in order to pay their debts. This could easily plunge the kingdom into chaos...