La Guerre des Gaules

Le Triomphe de César

Frederic Bey

A highly-illustrated history of life and culture during the civil wars in 17th-century France.
Publication date:
October 2015
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
Illustration :
Highly illustrated in rich colour
ISBN : 9782352503521

Dimensions : 210 X 250 cm

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In this last century before Jesus Christ, the Gaul was once more independent and found himself implicated in the process of the expansion of Roman power.

The Gaul became a purely political stake between the triumvirs Pompey, Crassus and Caesar, as they attempted to snatch at the spoils of a dying Republic. The Gaul was then a victim of foreign stakes and would enter in a dramatic manner into the political strategy of Julius Caesar.


The Author: Frederic Bey is a recognized specialist of Roman history and the First Empire. He is the author of numerous articles in the magazines Histoires de France and VaeVictis and of a book on Alesia in the collection Men and Battles.