La Jeep dans l'Armee Francaise - Volume II

De l'Algerie a nos jours

Paul Gaujac

A continuation of the special relationship between the French Army and its trusty Jeeps.
Publication date:
December 2014
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
Illustration :
250 photographs
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ISBN : 9782352503675

Dimensions : 250 X 210 cm
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Designed in less than six months a short while before the United States entered the war in December 1941, in all 650 000 jeeps were built of which almost 175 000 were delivered to the Allied armies as part of the Lend-Lease agreement.

The Free French paratroopers were the first to use jeeps – during the Special Air Service raids in the Western Desert. But it was from April 1943 onwards that the jeeps starting arriving in droves in the ports at Algiers and Casablanca as part of the rearmament agreements. These funny little cars won over the French with their good handling and their ability to get over the worst obstacles.

Wherever the French army was, there were the jeeps. They transported top brass, carried radios, were equipped with automatic or antitank weapons, evacuated casualties from the battle zones over difficult terrain. They were equipped with loudspeakers to harangue the crowds and the technicians even thought of getting them to do mine detecting. Other builders thought they could replace them but they failed. They just had to build them under license until they just disappeared after sixty years of loyal service



Couple with the first volume, these two books make about the best reference I can remember seeing of the Jeep in service over such a long period, and for the modeller with so many little detail variations that could keep you occupied for a long time if you tried to model them all. Good quality and well laid out book once again from Histoire et Collection.
Military Model Scene

These volumes are a must for the Jeep enthusiast and model maker.
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