La wekusta 2 au combat

1940-1944 (Brest, Nantes, Mont-de-Marsan, Bordeaux)

Pierre Babin

La Wekusta 2 était une unité de reconnaissance météorologique
de la Luftwaffe, dont l'histoire fut très peu
explorée par les historiens et si mal connue à ce jour.
L'auteur a écrit ce livre illustré de photos inédites à partir
des archives et des précieux témoignages de vétérans.
Publication date:
May 2016
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ISBN : 9782840484301

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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The Wekusta 2 was a flying unit of the Luftwaffe used for weather reconnaissance, which historians have hitherto explored only marginally.


The history of Wekusta2, however, deserves more consideration. Few were, indeed, the Luftwaffe units that, during the Occupation, had permanently been based in France: the Wekusta2, whose aircrafts took off daily from Lanvéoc Brest, Nantes-Chateau Bougon Mont de Marsan and Bordeaux-Merignac, is one of those.


Pierre Babin has therefore spent the last years working towards reconstructing the history the Wekusta 2. He explored the few available records, travelled to Germany and other Commonwealth countries to interview and collect the precious stories of veterans who served in the unit, and consulting the documents preserved by the airmen's families.

With this book - illustrated throughout with never-before-published photographs - Pierre Babin offers a unique and thorough account of the Wekusta 2.