Le Rafale

Frédéric Lert

Publication date:
March 2018
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352504177

Dimensions : 240 X 200 cm
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Designed in the mid-1980s, the Dassault Aviation Rafale only became operative for the Navy in 2004, and for the Air Force in 2006, having diverging needs forced France to dissociate European partners (Germany, UK, Spain and Italy) that were initially part of the project.
Flagship of French aviation, the Rafale' s versatility and stealth are unparalleled. Despite its incredible performance and the consistent presence in various military operations in Libya, Mali, Iraq or Afghanistan, for years the Rafale did not manage to gain popularity in the international export sector. Recent geopolitical developments, however, are rapidly changing this trend, and the Rafale finally recorded his first commercial successes with orders from Qatar, Egypt and perhaps also India. This book, illustrated with about 200 photos, analyses the three versions of this incredible aircraft: theRafale C (single seat aircraft for the Air Force), Rafale M (designed for the Navy) and Rafale B (two-seater).