Les Enluminures: Four Remarkable Manuscripts from the Middle Ages

Christopher de Hamel

Accompanying an exhibition in New York (17 - 23 October 2018) this lavishly illustrated publication explores four extraordinary books that have all survived from the Middle Ages.
Publication date:
October 2018
Publisher :
Les Enluminures
Illustration :
80 illus.
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ISBN : 9780997184273

Dimensions : 300 X 195 mm
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This beautiful catalogue explores four books that are remarkable survivals of what people read in the Middle Ages - the fi nest of medieval Bibles (the greatest text of Western civilization), one of the oldest Books of Hours (the most famous medieval manuscripts of all), Biography (the unique legend of an Anglo-Saxon princess), and the History of Troy (the oldest chivalric story in European history).

These are all manuscripts unknown on the market for at least eighty years. One of the four was last described in print in 1588; the others were last catalogued for sale in 1909, 1932 and 1938 respectively. All are richly illustrated, with a total of 133 miniatures between them, as well as hundreds of borders and illuminated animals and grotesques. Some of the fi nest artists of the period were responsible for the miniatures, and at least two of them likely issue directly from the greatest of European courts.

Prize-winning author of Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts, Christopher de Hamel, wrote the Introduction and Catalogue. Founder and President of Les Enluminures, Sandra Hindman is responsible for the Preface.

Les Enluminures is an internationally recognized leader in the fi eld of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, miniatures, and fi nger rings. Dr. Sandra Hindman, an expert on medieval and Renaissance manuscript illumination and Professor Emerita at Northwestern University, founded Les Enluminures in Paris in 1991 in association with her Chicago-based business. The New York City location opened in May 2012. Keegan Goepfert (M.A., Courtauld) became Vice-President of the company in 2012. For over twenty-seven years, Les Enluminures has forged and maintained relationships with the world's most prestigious public and private collections. International clients include the Musée du Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the J. Paul Getty Museum, among many others. The gallery has exhibited in most major art fairs in the United States and Europe, and we organize three to four exhibitions in our gallery spaces annually.