Les Kubelwagen Schwimmwagen

Chris McNab

Publication date:
January 2016
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352503859

Dimensions : 310 X 230 cm
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The history, concept, the mechanics and the operation of the German 4x4 during the Second World War. Conceived by Ferdindand Porsche and constructed by Volkswagen, the Type 82 Kübelwagen and its amphibian cousin Schwimmwagen Type 128/166 were to the Germans what the Jeep was to Allies and has been largely used during the Second World War, for example in the heavy winter from the East front and in the torrid heat of the Libyan desert. Simplicity and reliability were the key words to their success and they are still today appreciated by collectors of military vehicles from all over the world. The author, Chris McNab, describes its development and details their concepts and functions. This book describes of the Schwimmwagen in combat. The work is illustrated with over 250 original photographs, technical designs, and detailed views of restored versions.