LOMO - Don't Think, Just Shoot: Leningradskoye Optiko Mmechanichesckoye Obyedinenie

Thomas Q. Napper, Fabian Monheim

Publication date:
November 2002
Publisher :
Booth-Clibborn Editions
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ISBN : 9781861542304

Dimensions : 276 X 214 mm
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The Lomo camera, an icon of mid-20th century design, is perceived as unable to take a bad picture, due to the unique, glass lens and capability for handling low-light levels. This antidote to all things digital and slick has found a vast international following of people who use it to document every aspect of their lives. This has spawned fan clubs and competitions the world over, culminating in the 2001 final in Cuba. This work features many images by keen lomographers, alongside facts, figures, anecdotes and ravings.