M3 Lee Grant

The design, production and service of The M3 medium tank, the foundation of America's tank industry

David Doyle

Publication date:
July 2020
Publisher :
AFV Modeller
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ISBN : 9780993564680

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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This volume is the most detailed study yet presented of the M3 Lee/Grant tanks, illustrating and describing the development, production and use of these iconic vehicles by US, Commonwealth and Russian forces during WWII. The tanks, their power plants and production techniques used by each manufacturer are shown from assembly line to front line through this profusely illustrated book, including numerous never before published vintage photos.

Modellers of all abilities will learn from Robert's techniques for vehicle scratchbuilding, figure sculpting, painting and weathering with detailed step-by-step guides to apply the tips, tricks and methods to your own projects.

Whether you're a modeller or enthusiast of wartime German motorcycles, equipment and uniforms Robert presents a wealth of information with the dissection of every component in detail, rare wartime images and comprehensive walk-around colour photographs of a contemporary restoration.