Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea

Oscar E. Gilbert

Employing detailed and vivid accounts from veteran tankers, this book details every Marine tank action in the Korean War, from the valiant defense at Pusan and the bitter battles of the Chosin Reservoir, to the grinding and bloody stalemate along the Jamestown Line.
Publication date:
July 2017
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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16 pages photos
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ISBN : 9781612005317

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• This thorough and engaging narrative of the Marine Corps tank battalions in Korea newly available in affordable paperback
• Full of first-hand accounts by veterans, this readable book tells the story of the Korean War through the eyes of a tanker
• Includes first-hand accounts of all USMC tank actions in Korea, including the Pusan perimeter, Inchon and Seoul, Chosin Reservoir, and the battles for the Jamestown Line
• Author Oscar Gilbert's experience in the Corps and many years of research make this the go-to book to understand the experience of tankers in Korea
• Best read alongside Oscar Gilbert's other books on USMC tank battles in the Pacific, Vietnam, and Middle East

Reviews for Hardback Edition: "In order to produce this fine book, the author has conducted extensive interviews with participants and consulted archival and published materials. This gives the book an excellent balance between the events as witnessed by the participants and the broader historic, strategic and tactical issues. It also makes for a great reading experience. The text is full of excellent "war stories” and covers a wide variety of combat and non-combat scenarios... You'll not be disappointed. Highly recommended.” Missing Lynx

REVIEWS often gut-wrenching account of brave, highly trained men doing their best under circumstances that defied them at virtually every turn.
The VVA Veteran

History's stories told in this unusual, veteran' voices format, alongside interesting archive photography leaves a lasting impression of what it might have been like to serve as a marine in this bitter and protracted war.
Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

Together these books provide the definitive history of the USMC's tank forces…Very highly recommended.
Military Modelcraft International

An excellent read which fills a gap on my bookshelves. Recommended.
Scale Military Modelling International Magazine

If you're interested in The Korean War, Tanks, or the US Marine Corps, this is an interesting book on an interesting subject that should give you some hours of entertainment, and remain on hand as a reference for the modeller or historian. Korea has for too long been called the forgotten war, and these USMC tankers probably forgotten more than most. Highly Recommended.