Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives

Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives

Bizarre Warfare Through the Ages

Philip Sidnell

Publication date:
January 2013
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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Which army used camels disguised as war elephants? Which illustrious warlord was killed by a midget ninja hidden in his latrine? How did live cows dropped by the Soviet air force sink a Japanese vessel? And just what kind of weapon was the Bohemian Ear Spoon? These are just a few of the important questions of military history answered in this book.

‘Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives’ is a light-hearted look at some of the most bizarre incidents, weirdest weapons and strangest stratagems to be found in the annals of warfare. Drawn from all periods of history there is something here for every reader with an interest in military history and/or a sense of humor.

Some of the sections included:
War Elephants and How to Stop Them (including the infamous blazing pigs)
Ignominious Deaths (e.g. the midget ninja in the latrine)
A Misplaced Sense of Honor (e.g. the sniper who let George Washington live)
Suicide Missions (e.g. mass suicide as a diversion tactic and a case of self-decapitation)
Weird and Wonderful Weapons: (such as the WW2 bat bomb -with real bats)
Stranger things happen at Sea (e.g. million-ton ice ships and death by blocked toilet)
God is on our side (of omens, oracles and the ancient battle stopped by a UFO)
An Army Marches on its Stomach (e.g. the tactical use of laxatives and the Greek army immobilized for 3 days by hallucinogenic honey)