Modern Chinese Warplanes: Chinese Naval Aviation - Aircraft and Units

Andreas Rupprecht

This comprehensive directory serves as a richly illustrated, in-depth analysis and overview of the Chinese Naval Aviation branch structured along history, mission, training, operational types and weapons, Orbat and carrier program.
Publication date:
April 2018
Publisher :
Harpia Publishing
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ISBN : 9780997309256

Dimensions : 287 X 210 mm
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• The only handbook on modern-day Chinese Naval Aviation
• List of all units with maps of all bases of all thr fleets
• Lots of unpublished pictures

Due to China's strong dependence/reliance on its economic development but also due to its rising political ambitions with the aim to resume a central role in the regional and global affairs, it is vital for China to show some sort of military presence in its area of influence. Consequently, within the past decade, China's military - in both strategic considerations and the modernisation of procedures and material as well - has undergone some of the most profound reforms since its establishment and the Chinese Navy and its Naval Air Arm play an ever more increasing role to achieve these goals.

The 2016-released National ‘white paper' has emphasized a greater focus on the seas and clearly stated that China's has to establish itself as a major maritime power. Consequently, the PLN will shift its focus from 'offshore waters defence' to an 'open seas protection'. That means in parallel to the PLAAF's modernisations, the changes for the PLN - and concerning the scope off the book the PLANAF - will be probably even more dramatic when the PLANAF creates a modern, capable 'Blue Water' force. In terms of modern systems, the PLNAF will steadily increase its naval capabilities by introducing more modern multirole-capable systems but most important by the establishment of an indigenous carrier force.

Similar to the original /Modern Chinese Warplanes/and /Flashpoint China/ books, this uniquely compact yet comprehensive directory serves as a magnificently illustrated, in-depth analysis and directory of modern Chinese Naval Air Power.

It is organised in four parts: the most important military aircraft and their weapons found in PLANAF service today; aircraft markings and serial number systems; the recent modernization efforts and structural reforms and orders of battle for the People's Liberation Naval Air Force.


...a valuable addition to any bookshelf: it is highly recommended.
Naval Review

All in all a great book printed on good paper with numerous colour pictures and together with the other books of Harpia is this series, as far as I am concerned, at the moment the best there is for sale. Thus a very bookshelf worthy book!

Whether one seeks an understanding of PLANAF's equipement, roles or organisation, this is an ideal reference, while also providing modellers with insight into the colours and markings of its fixed and rotary-wing assets.
Airfix Model World