Mr Britling Sees it Through

H. G. Wells

Novel set in WWI Britain; Mr Britling as a writer whose family is caught up in events of the war, and he must re-examine his beliefs and world view.
Publication date:
August 2016
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Classic War Fiction
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ISBN : 9781612004150

Dimensions : 190 X 132 mm
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• Second season of Casemate's successful Classic War Fiction series
• By famous novelist H G Wells, best known for his science fiction works such as War of the Worlds
• Fascinating and detailed portrait of English way of life, and mindset during WWI

A profound and very human account of the early years of the war, told from the perspective of a father rather than combatants, but no less revealing.

Mr Britling lives in the quintessentially English town of Matching's Easy in Essex. He is a great thinker, an essayist, but most of all an optimist. When war arrives he is forced to reassess many of the things he had been so sure of. The war brings great change - Belgian refugees come with dreadful stories and everywhere it seems there are young men dressed in khaki. The family's young German tutor is forced to head back to Germany, and Mr Britling's seventeen year old son enlists in the Territorials. Day by day and month by month, Wells chronicles the unfolding events and public reaction as witnessed by the inhabitants of one house in rural Essex. Each of the characters tries in a different way to keep their bearings in a world suddenly changed beyond recognition. Tragedy ensues, Mr Britling must wrestle with outrage, grief and attempts at rationalisation as he ‘sees it through'.

Written in 1916, while the outcome of the war was still uncertain, this is both a fascinating portrait of Britain at war, and a chronicle of events seen from a contemporary perspective, and an insight into H G Wells himself, Mr Britling being a largely autobiographical character.


Four more superb "Boys' Own Paper"-style adventure stories in Casemate's Great War fiction series, kicks off with this terrific yarn from the grandfather of British Science Fiction, H G Wells. Tells a tale of a different era, one that is sadly lost to us now, when people were rather better in almost every respect, than they are now.
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