My First Days in the White House

Huey Long

Publication date:
December 2013
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811713221

Dimensions : 210 X 140 mm
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• Novel by the flamboyant Kingfish, one of Franklin Roosevelt's political rivals during the Great Depression• Rollicking, lavishly illustrated fantasy outlining how Long would enact his "Share the Wealth" program if elected in 1936• Long's plans included making healthcare more widely available, taking on the Federal Reserve...and appointing the defeated FDR secretary of the navyDuring the 1930's, while Hitler and other dictators brought their boot heels down on Europe and Asia, many Americans looked the other way. Some, however, saw the dangers and published books sounding the alarm. Stackpole is proud to reprint a selection of these classic calls-to-arms, as well as other titles reflecting the spirit of the times, all of which shed light on a dark decade and have resonance in our own time.