A Growing Threat to Humanity

Louis A Del Monte

Publication date:
April 2017
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781612348964

Dimensions : 230 X 150 mm
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• No other non-fiction book focuses on the military applications of nanotechnology and the threat they pose to humanity
• Provides in-depth insight in these new horrific weapons and the invisible arms race that threatens the future of humanity
• Tecnology and military weapons are a timely topic
• Louis Del Monte has over thirty years of experience and is an award-winning and well-known physicist in this field

Nanoweapons just might render humanity extinct in the near future—a notion that is frightening and shocking but potentially true. In Nanoweapons Louis A. Del Monte describes the most deadly generation of military weapons the world has ever encountered. With dimensions one-thousandth the diameter of a single strand of human hair, this technology threatens to eradicate humanity as it incites world governments to compete in the deadliest arms race ever. In his insightful and prescient account of this risky and radical technology, Del Monte predicts that nanoweapons will dominate the battlefield of the future and will help determine the superpowers of the twenty-first century. He traces the emergence of nanotechnology, discusses the current development of nanoweapons—such as the "mini-nuke,” which weighs five pounds and carries the power of one hundred tons of TNT—and offers concrete recommendations, founded in historical precedent, for controlling their proliferation and avoiding human annihilation. Most critically, Nanoweapons addresses the question: Will it be possible to develop, deploy, and use nanoweapons in warfare without rendering humanity extinct?


It's been a long time since I've read a book that has been so thought-provoking. 5 stars.
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