Narvik And The Allies

The Polish Brigade At Narvik 1940

Evan McGilvray

Publication date:
October 2017
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
c 30 b/w photos, maps
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ISBN : 9781911512288

Dimensions : 234 X 156 cm
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• A new account of the Polish forces fighting during the Narvik campaign, researched from Polish sources

Examines the achievments and limitations of Allied co-operation

This work is about the co-operation between the Allies in Norway between April and June 1940 by initially considering the military-politics of the period August 1939 until the German invasion of Norway in April 1940. Much of the work examines the role of the Independent Podhalian Rifle Brigade and its interaction and dependency on the Allies as the Polish troops found themselves under French command. Other aspects of the Norwegian Campaign are also explored including inter-service co-operation amongst the Allies, how the Western Allies were still uncertain who their enemy really was and how successful Narvik actually was and what it meant for the UK during the summer of 1940.