Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the Great War

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the Great War

Craig Armstrong

Publication date:
March 2015
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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With the large number of troops stationed in and around the area and its position as a major industrial city, which focused on armaments production, shipbuilding and heavy engineering, the realities of the war were always prominently felt in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The city played a key role in the nation's war effort, as it was a key port and the nation's major exporter of coal – a vital link in keeping the war effort going.

The proud tradition of military service in the region was reflected in the huge numbers of Newcastle men and women who came forward to serve in the military or in roles such as nursing. The city was the recruitment centre and driving force for the formation of numerous 'Pals' Battalions and the Northumberland Fusiliers, which raised more battalions than any other regiment during the war.

For many of those left behind the war was a time of fear and hardship. This book documents the struggle that many suffering families faced in coping with rising wartime prices, longer working hours, endless worry, wartime policies and severe shortages. These issues are brought to light throughout, with a view to how they affected the people of Newcastle and how, with audacity and courage, Newcastle's citizens overcame them. 

By the end of the war so many Newcastle men had been killed, and others faced an uncertain future in a shattered post-war economy. Despite this, the workers of Newcastle continued to provide incredible charitable support until the end of the war in addition to their already momentous efforts. These efforts are considered greatly in this enlightening book, which is a testimony to the bravery, self-sacrifice and determination of the people of Newcastle-upon-Tyne during the Great War.