Normandy June 44

Sword Beach - Caen

J.B. Djian, B. Marivain, C. Moreau, I. Bournier

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July 2016
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Normandy June 44
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ISBN : 9782815103329

Dimensions : 290 X 215 mm
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On June 5th 2009, commemorating the D-Day landings in the German cemetery of La Cambe, Schaffers, the German Ambassador, gave a moving and conciliatory speech. Listening attentively were veterans from all participating countries. In the crowd, a man was listening particularly closely. This was Wolfgang Fleischmann. Wolfgang was looking for Paul Rapier among the other listeners. Sixty-five years earlier their paths had crosses at Ouistreham. It was in June 1944, the 6th to be precise, the day of the Landings. Their meeting was brief, happening in the midst of chaos as it did. That day, Wolfgang and Paul were enemies…