“Operations ‘Leopard’ and ‘Red Bean’ - Kolwezi 1978”

French and Belgian intervention in Zaire

Daniel Kowalczuk

The Battle of Kolwezi in Zaire in 1978 between FNLC (ex-Katanga Gendarmerie) and a Zaire Army, French and Belgian task force.
Publication date:
November 2018
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Helion and Company
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15 colour profiles, 3 colour photos, 2 colour maps, 3 colour ills, 105 b/w photos, 4 b/w maps, 8 tables
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ISBN : 9781912390595

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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This book provides a history of the roots of FNLC (Front for the National Liberation of the Congo: ex-Katanga Gendarmerie) in Angola and Zaire, political situation under Mobutu regime, FNLC incursions into Zaire border since 1977 ("Shaba Wars I and II”) and subsequent hostage taking in mining town of Kolwezi. The author describes the subsequent French Foreign Legion and Belgian Para Commando airborne operation and freeing of the hostages, together with practical destruction of the FNLC as fighting force.


… it is a captivating work for interested in the history of postcolonial Africa.