Panzerjäger 38(t) Hetzer & G-13

Volume 2

Mariusz Motyka, Hubert Michalski, Łukasz Gładysiak, Stefan Draminski

Publication date:
March 2015
Publisher :
Illustration :
42 archive photos, 9 painting schemes, scale drawi
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ISBN : 9788364596285

Dimensions : 279 X 216 mm
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This book is soft bound of 76 pages in English. It comes with a hand-held pair of cardboard glasses that have one red lends and one blue one, to use to see pictures in the book in 3D.

The book contains 42 black and white wartime photos. Including the front and back covers. There are 18 color photos of a Hetzer of the “Hemmann von Salza” regiment on the outskirts of Berlin, April 1945 and 72 color illustrations . These illustrations are done in 3D.