Pirates of New Jersey

Pirates of New Jersey

Plunder and High Adventure on the Garden State Coastline

Mark Donnelly, Daniel Diehl

Publication date:
October 2010
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811706674

Dimensions : 210 X 140 mm
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Legendary figures of the Golden Age of Piracy
Stories of great battles
Glossary of pirate ships and nautical items
From the earliest days of the Colonial era until the end of the Revolution, New Jersey's coastline swarmed with pirates who sailed back and forth across the Atlantic in search of plunder and rich prizes. Full of high adventure, dastardly deeds, and newly uncovered lore, this book features such famous characters as Capt. William Kidd and the notoriously cruel Blackbeard, as well as lesser known pirates from the Revolutionary War era who were based in Jersey.