Project Space Station

Plans for a Permanent Manned Space Station

Brian O'Leary

Publication date:
November 2017
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811736985

Dimensions : 228 X 149 mm
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It's happening now—plans are being formulated under the coordination of NASA to launch a permanent, manned space station by the year 1990. Studies surveying user requirements, system attributes, and architectural options have been conducted, and you're on the top of these far-reaching considerations on the next big step taken within space!
Now that the Shuttle and Spacelab are realities, NASA has set sights on a new horizon—a permanent, manned space station in the high frontier. The precedents have been set—Skylab hosted human visits for up to 84 days, and the Soviet's Salyut was and is a temporary base for cosmonaut crew. The differences are the term and scope of space station living and the accomplishments that can be realized with a permanent site and continuous experimentation within its facilities.
Brian O'Leary, writer, astrophysicist, and former astronaut, describes the "tinkermodules” that will be carried to the earth's orbit to be assembled as a space station. His inside track information also lay