Rails Across The Sea

The Harwich - Zeebrugge Train Ferry Story

Kevin Hoggett

The full and profusely illustrated story of the train ferry service between the UK and Belgium, from its beginnings with World War 1 surplus military equipment, to its closure as British Rail prepared for privatisation.
Publication date:
June 2020
Publisher :
Mainline & Maritime
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ISBN : 9781900340595

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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This bilingual (English/Dutch) book is a long overdue history of the train ferry service between Harwich and Zeebrugge, its precursors and its legacy. The author was intimately involved with the service as British Rail's Rolling Stock Inspector in Zeebrugge, and in researching this book, he has also drawn on the archives of friends and colleagues as well as official sources to produce an authoritative and well illustrated account. Included within the book are the initial concept of the Train Ferries to provide a military service to the continent during World War I, and an account of their service record in World War II, when two were sadly lost to enemy action.