Recovering Common Goods

Patrick Riordan

Publication date:
December 2017
Publisher :
Veritas Books
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ISBN : 9781847307828

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In Recovering Common Goods, Patrick Riordan explores how Catholic social teaching and the principle of the common good can be successfully deployed in the public sphere, be it in relation to education, economics, democracy or civil rights.

From global conflicts, to national politics and industrial disputes, we are bombarded with news of the divisions between people, the issues that separate them and the violence of their language and actions towards one another. However, in working together to uphold the common good we help enable both ourselves and our neighbour to realise objectives, and, in turn, to flourish both as individuals and as communities.

Recovering Common Goods illuminates the power of social solidarity with recourse to scriptural analysis, philosophical inquiry and Church doctrine, and is aimed at anyone interested in creating a more equitable society, particularly those working with local communities or charitable organisations in the pursuit of social justice.