1796-1797 Du pont d'Arcole à la bataille de Rivoli

Mongin Jean-Marie

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February 2019
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ISBN : 9782840484592

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In 1796, the Directoire decided to hit the Austro-Hungarian Empire hard. Two armies had failed in Germany whereas the little Army of Italy, under the command of Bonaparte, thrashed the Austrians in a vigorous, marvellous campaign. In less than twelve months it smashed four Austrian armies, captured a part of the Piedmont, founded two republics, conquered Northern Italy and on 7 October 1797, signed the Treaty of Campio-Formo with Austria. Napoleon Bonaparte had covered himself in glory. After the Battle of Arcola, the legend was born; after the Battle of Rivoli, the Hero of a whole country had arisen… This book reveals various aspects of the final months of the campaign. The initial chapters describe the battles and the manoeuvres, with the tactical import of the victories as well as the strategic value of Bonaparte's vision. The second part deals with technical aspects and uniforms of the units on both sides. The third looks more closely at the "booty” picked up by the young general, and deals with the cultural, economic and political dimensions of Bonaparte's first successful campaign. In his account, the author insists on the daily life of the va-nu-pieds (barefoot soldiers) in the Army of Italy and the important role they had in creating the myth. With this first book describing one of the future Emperor of France's most incredible campaigns, Editions Heimdal paints the first strokes on the canvas of the Napoleonic legend to come.
Language : French