Russia's Air-launched Weapons

Piotr Butowski

Publication date:
April 2017
Publisher :
Harpia Publishing
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ISBN : 9780997309218

Dimensions : 287 X 210 mm
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• A logical addition to Russia's Warplanes Volumes 1 and 2, covering all current Russian-made aircraft ordnance

Following Harpia Publishing's acclaimed two-volume series Russia's Warplanes, author and researcher Piotr Butowski sheds light on the full range of air-launched ordnance of Russian origin that can be found in large-scale service today.

This unique reference work provides a wealth of information - most of which has been gained from first-hand and internal industry sources - on the full spectrum of Russian aircraft-launched weapons.

Supported by newly commissioned artworks and extensive specification tables, chapters describe in detail air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, guided and free-fall bombs and cluster munitions, rockets, as well as aircraft guns. Also included are the range of strategic munitions currently fielded or in development for the Russian Air Force, including cruise missiles and nuclear bombs.

Addressing a previously neglected field within aerospace research and publishing, Russia's Air-launched Weapons will appeal to aircraft and weapons enthusiasts and conflict researchers alike.

This latest volume in Harpia's new-look format continues the publisher's aim of providing unrivalled detail and accuracy in its coverage of lesser-known areas of air warfare research.


This compact compendium - and both volumes of Butowski's Russia's Warplanes: Russian-made Military Aircraft and Helicopters Today - deserve pride-of-place in the reference libraries of aircraft hobbyists, aviation historians, journalists and, yes, even intelligence analysts.

Russia's Air-launched Weapons is an essential element in the library of every Russian aviation enthusiast, historians, scale modelers, aircraft profilers and specifically the Fighter Pilots and the Intelligence Community.
Perspective Journal of the Philippine Air Force

This book, taken together the two previous pubblications of this series, will give you a complete view on the Russian aviation world...So I will surely reccomend to all the modellers that want precise load-outs on their models, but also to aviation historians and all other who loves the "Russian Stuff”.
Reale Model Review

This is a worthy study, useful for any Russian aircraft modeller.
Airfix Model World