Secret History of Chemical Warfare

Secret History of Chemical Warfare

Nick McCamley

Publication date:
March 2007
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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This book offers a full examination and description of all the toxic chemical and microbiological agents, either tested, manufactured or used since 1914. It identifies the major research, testing and manufacturing plants worldwide with special emphasis on the UK and North America. Among the British sites are Porton Down (Wiltshire), Sutton Oak (Lancashire), Nancekuke (North Cornwall) and the ICI-operated plants at Rhydymwn (North Wales) and St Helens and elsewhere in Lancashire.

It details all verifiable uses of CBW since 1914 and examines the rationale behind such operations. Also studied is the ‘arms race’ for CBW between competing powers. The author uncovers the scientific arrogance and political ignorance that has led to a greatly exaggerated perception of the potency of CBW, which he maintains is still the case today.

Finally McCamley reveals the scandalous history of inadequate and dangerous storage and disposal practices.