Allied-Axis, The Photo Journal of the Second World War n. 33

S35 SOMUA in French and German Service

David Doyle

A fully illustrated reference book featuring period photos and photo of contemporary restorations.
Publication date:
January 2016
Publisher :
The Ampersand Group
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ISBN : 9781944367305

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• Mutil-subject reference for modelers and vehicle enthusiasts

The latest in this long-running series showcases the S35 SOMUA tanks in French and German Service; the British Sexton Self Propelled Gun; the German Horch 108 Heavy Car; the Char B1s in French and German Service, and the U.S. Quick-Way Crane and Coleman Tractor. Like others in the series, Allied-Axis 33 presents individual articles that are composed of large, clear historical photos that are often accompanied by contemporary walk-around images.

This issue features such a series with its article on the Sexton, which also includes beautifully reproduced stowage diagrams. Walk around photos also appear in the article on the S35. Perhaps the highlight of this installment are the full page wartime images depicting the interior of the Char B1s. Scale models are currently available of the Char B1s, the S35 and the German Horch 108.


Sometimes it is best to let the illustrations tell the story, and that's the case with this fascinating look at these iconic vehicles. A model-maker's dream!
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This range has clearly grown into something really quite impressive, and there is no sign of an end of days.

Model makers, photo collectors and casual lovers of armour or trucks will be content. The best books reach out to many corners, and this one seems to have them all covered. More, please.

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