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Le repas du poilu

Anne-Élisabeth Groult, Jérôme Delile

Nous commémorerons, en 2014, le centenaire de la déclaration de la Grande Guerre. Cette dernière bouleversa la vie quotidienne et la gastronomie des Français bien au-delà du conflit. La guerre 14/18, c'est huit millions cinq cent mille français mobilisés, qu'il fallut nourrir pendant mille cinq cents jours à raison de trois repas par jour.
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December 2015
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2014 marks the centenary of the declaration of the Great War, which devastated daily life and gastronomy for the French, even beyond the conflict. The war saw 8,500,000 Frenchmen mobilised, all of whom needed nourishment three times a day during the 1,500 days of the conflict. French logistics had to deal with this fantastic challenge in record time: the provisioning of four million meals, portioned correctly, to the combatants at the front. This was the proving ground for the fundamentals of modern catering.

Passionate about history, Jerome Delile has collected numerous historical cooking utensils, from dishes to flasks, and more, which after a meticulous restoration can now be put in context for their use during the Great War. The authentic and simple recipes in this book, abundantly illustrated with numerous enticing photos, are an invitation to travel through history in an easy and informative way. The chefs of the past who played an indispensable role in the conflict will take you on a journey through time with authentic recipes such as:

Pilaf de Boeuf

Soupe cultivateur

Soupe vigneronne

Crepe a la Lorraine

The research for this manuscript is now finished. It is the first in a series of three (at minimum) which will detail the cuisine of France from the beginning of the Second World War through the rationing era, taking into account the lack of food available during the occupation.