Story of the Battles at Gettysburg

James Scott

Publication date:
February 2018
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811737326

Dimensions : 218 X 138 mm
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The Harrisburg Telegraph says: "…an unique and authoritative book, The Story of the Battles at Gettysburg” will arouse great interest among military men throughout the country.”
It is not generally known that the three-day battle of Gettysburg, one of the most important and significant engagements of the Civil War, is included in the course of training of student officers in practically all the European war colleges as an outstanding example of tactics and strategy.
Once a year the students of the West Point Military Academy spend several days at Gettysburg in studying the battle problems during the first three days of July 1863.
The outstanding features to the military, are the maps of the battlefield…these maps are drawn to scale with careful fidelity and the position of each regiment and branch of service is shown every hour of the day at different stages in the progress of the battles.